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The Las Vegas Stadium Authority suite at Allegiant Stadium is a community asset made available to qualified groups and individuals engaged in bona fide community purposes as defined in the Authority Suite Access Policy. Tickets to the Authority suite are available for Las Vegas Raiders home games at Allegiant Stadium and other selected events.

Due to the high level of interest, tickets for the Authority suite will be awarded to applicants using a random lottery drawing. Applicants must complete the form below to be considered for future drawings. All applications submitted to the Authority will be reviewed by Authority staff on an ongoing basis. Authority staff may contact the applicant to request additional information or documentation to verify eligibility.

Applications for the 2023 calendar of events are no longer being accepted at this time. The deadline for all applications for the 2024 calendar of events is Friday, December 22, 2023, and the lottery drawing will be held later that month. Applicants will receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting an application. If you have questions about this application, please email

Lottery winners and alternates will be notified directly by Authority staff with additional details.

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Important Suite Access Policy Provisions

  • Tickets Cannot Be Sold: Tickets distributed to an individual or an organization shall not be sold to any other person or organization, except for the auctioning or sale of tickets for fundraising purposes by qualifying non-partisan and non-political charitable, non-profit or civic organizations who receive tickets specifically for that purpose.
  • Food and Beverage: The Authority does not provide or pay for food or beverage services in the suite, and use of the suite shall not include any food or beverage services. The individuals or organizations who are authorized to use the suite for a particular game or event shall be solely responsible for arranging for, and paying the cost of, any food or beverage services in connection with such use should they so choose to receive those services. The Authority may require a monetary deposit to secure such obligation.
  • Record Keeping: The Authority will maintain a list of the individuals and organizations who use the suite. The list shall include the date and type of event, the name of each individual attending, the individual's employer or organization and the public purpose for that individual's presence in the suite.
  • Parking: Parking passes will be allocated in proportion to the number of tickets for the suite. If a ticket holder is not allocated a parking pass, that ticket holder will be responsible for making their own parking arrangements and paying the costs related to such parking arrangements.
  • Public Officers or Employees: Any "public officer" or "public employee" who requests and/or receives tickets from the Authority is subject to the provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes 281A.400 and 281A.420 and any other policies or codes of conduct applicable to such person because of their particular status as a public officer or public employee or otherwise.